A downloadable game for Windows


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Look

Mouse Right - Shoot

Mouse Left - Granade

Press Enter during the death or victory screen to restart.

esc - quit game

+/- - changes mouse sesitivity

i - inverts mouse

Pixel Art - DasBilligeAlien

Coding & Level design - Direshrub

Install instructions

Unpack and play!


MausoleumRaid64.7z 7 MB


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Deleted post

Hi! Thank you for playing and even making a let's play. That made me incredible happy :D Mausoleum Raid was mostly a learning experience so its rather unoriginal in the gameplay. I personally am very fond of strange and weird things so I added the tall heads.

I hope you had at least as much fun playing as I had making it. Thank you for your time.