A little game about a tank who wnats to go home.

Made with bitsy. 

Controlls are WASD or Arrow keys to move and interact.

Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Tanks

Development log


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Great game so far! I like those talking vehicles... 

Maybe this could be useful?

-One of the "bridge" tiles is not a wall (first on your left in title screen and two on "radio" screen)

-There are trouble with the down exits in the third screen to the right. I think you should consider leaving more space upon the exits down to this screen, or else the avatar keeps doing the yoyo between two rooms.

-I found an unintended ending at the down right corner when leaving the "HQ" screen.

Hope i don't spoil anything... Keep it up!

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Mayn thanks for playing! I am happy you like the talking vehicles. I will someday make a remake of this game in 3D. Maybe... I hope! :D

Great finds! I will try to fix these problems. Yeah, I did go overboard with the exits and I seem to have run into some bugs. I can't place exits on some tiles and such things. 

The ending is strange will have a look.

Thank you for your time!


The rouge ending was blocking my exits! No everything should be better.  :D